Американская авиакомпания «United Airlines» (Юнайтед Эйрлайнс)

Flight 2: American Airlines – Miami to Los Angeles

This was a “Flagship” service on a 777-300ER, the kind that normally serves international flights. That meant a business class ticket (which was also a fantastic deal at around $400) came with an individual pod seat that lies flat, plenty of space for working and so on. It also came with lounge access in Miami beforehand. Considering that, this should have been the best flight of the trip, hands-down. However there were a few pretty serious disappointments.

First, boarding was chaotic and little attention was paid to distancing. The 300-odd passengers on this full wide-body ended up standing in a traffic jam on the confined and relatively airless jet-bridge. Sounds less than ideal for virus transmission, doesn’t it? It’s shocking they don’t pay more attention to trying to avoid this.

A very nice seat and even a printed menu onboard American’s “Flagship” service from Miami to Los … Angeles. Shame there were crumbs on the seat which indicate that at least parts of the seat hadn’t been sanitized or even lightly cleaned.

Gabriel Leigh

Then, perhaps worst of all, the seat itself had crumbs on the countertop and armest, presumably from the passenger on the incoming flight. Despite the fact that the American Airlines app had announced that the aircraft had been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, it seemed likely that nothing of the sort had happened. If there were still crumbs around the seat, that indicates it wasn’t even given a cursory wipe down, let alone the full treatment. I asked American about this after the fact, and was given only a copy-and-paste response with an empty-sounding apology. There’s no way to know if this was just a one-off. Maybe cleaners just missed this one seat. Either way it’s not a good look.

Finally, there was a positive point in that they did do a hot meal service for dinner on this flight. That was a nice surprise. And the food was of a pretty good quality for a domestic flight. And yet the presentation just screamed “I don’t really care.” See what you think:

Hot food served for dinner, but the presentation left a little to be desired. Onboard American … Airlines Flagship Business Class from Miami to Los Angeles.

Gabriel Leigh

Overall, this was a disappointing experience.

Flight 1: United Airlines – Newark to Miami

United Airlines aircraft await to depart a gloomy Newark Airport last month.

Gabriel Leigh

Judging by reports from friends and colleagues in recent months, my expectation was for United to offer a fine but unremarkable service. Reality matched these expectations exactly. United didn’t do anything especially wrong, but the airline didn’t particularly stand out, either. A perfectly decent service, but nothing to write home about.


How To Pick An Airline Credit Card

ByDia Adams

The flight was an 8:30am departure in First Class, which in this case meant a typical domestic recliner seat at the front of the 737. Seats were laid out 2-by-2. United offers no seat blocking for distancing, so naturally the cabin was full and there was a seat mate not more than two feet away. Whether that’s a problem or not will depend on personal preferences. In this case it seemed fine. Everyone wore a mask and United was conscientious about reminding people to keep them on. If convenience and price were equal it would probably be better to fly Delta from New York to Florida because they still block seats (though not for much longer). However as Newark was much more convenient and the price was really good (around $200), United seemed a good choice in this case.

When flying, a gin & tonic and cold turkey sandwich is a perfectly acceptable breakfast.

Gabriel Leigh

There was a simple breakfast service, as well as a full bar. The food was average domestic fare. It didn’t look like much but it wasn’t bad. In normal times there would have likely been a couple of hot breakfast options, but these are rarely much good on US carriers anyway, so it didn’t feel as if much was missing. The flight attendant wasn’t excessively friendly but wasn’t surly either.

First Class

Experience maximum comfort and style with United First.

First Class Facilities

Ease through security and check-in with Premier Acess benefits which grants you Premier Access check-in, security and priority boarding. There’s also no need to worry about checking additional luggage with a baggage allowance of two standard size checked bags included in your ticket fare. Once on board you’ll be able to enjoy a range of high-quality meals made by United’s team of renowned chefs.

What are First Class Seats Like?

Once in the air, passengers can stretch out in the brand new, extra-spacious United First seats. Featuring a stylishly contoured two-tone leather, a six-way adjustable headrest and padded seat cushions. There’s also room to store all your electronic devices and personal items.

Правила перевоза багажа

Норма регистрируемого багажа — 1,58 м по сумме 3 длин.

Класс авиабилетаНормы провоза багажа
Economy23 кг/50 фунтов
Polaris first class
Polaris business class
32 кг/70 фунтов

Сдаваемый багаж для членов программы лояльности

Статус MileagePlusНормы провоза багажа
PremierSilver23 кг/50 фунтов
32 кг/70 фунтов

 Нормы ручной клади

BasicEconomy1 личная вещь — 0,43 х 0,25 х 0,22 м
1 сумка за доплату — 25 долларов США
Все остальные1 личная вещь — 0,43 х 0,25 х 0,22 м
1 сумка — 0,56 х 0,35 х 0,22 м
Один дополнительный предмет из перечня для всех тарифовСумка/зонт/пресса;
питание/покупки из торговой зоны аэропорта;
складная коляска/сумка для пелёнок;
клетка для питомца;
складная инвалидная коляска/трость/костыли/медустройство

Flight 3: Southwest Airlines – Los Angeles to Oakland

The Southwest flight was the shortest, and it was the only one in economy class. The airline doesn’t even offer a business or first class. And yet in many ways it was the best flight of the three. Why? Because Southwest got all the basics right. It felt throughout the process that the airline took flying in a pandemic seriously. At the same time, cabin crew were light-hearted, friendly and funny. That’s what Southwest is known for, and it proved especially appealing at a time like this.

A clean and orderly flight on a new plane with Southwest Airlines.

Gabriel Leigh

The flight was simple, but the plane looked and smelled squeaky clean. Middle seats were blocked. There was a service of just water and pretzels – nothing special, but when they could have gotten away with serving nothing at all, it came across as a nice gesture. Boarding was done in such a way that each group of ten people to board were given time to get on the plane so that we didn’t end up all jammed into a jet-bridge. The flight was on time.

When it comes down to it, what more can you ask for?

Southwest Airlines 737-800 parked at the gate at Oakland.

Gabriel Leigh

Baggage Policy

Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on bags must fit the dimensions of 22 x 35 x 56cm, including the handles and wheels. In addition, passengers are permitted one personal item measuring 22 x 25 x 43cm. Unless travelling in Basic Economy, passengers are permitted one carry-on bag, plus one personal item. Basic Economy passengers are only permitted a personal item on board.

Checked Baggage

Checked bags must fit within the combined dimensions of 62 inches. The weight of these bags are dependent on the class of service or MileagePlus status. If your class of service allowance is different from your MileagePlus status, the larger of the two will apply:

Class of service

  • United Economy – 23 kg
  • United Business – 32 kg
  • United First – 32 kg
  • United Polaris first class – 32 kg
  • United Polaris business class – 32 kg

MileagePlus status

  • Premier Silver – 23 kg
  • Premier Gold – 32 kg
  • Premier Platinum – 32 kg
  • Premier 1K – 32 kg
  • Star Alliance Gold – 32 kg

Musical Instruments

United Airlines allows small instruments to be taken as carry-on luggage, while larger instruments must be carried as checked luggage. For more information on United Airlines and other airlines’ flying with musical instrument policies.


Обратите внимание, в зависимости от приобретенного тарифа на рейс United, вы также имеете индивидуальные условия на провоз багажа и регистрацию

Правила провоза багажа

Если вы приобрели тариф Basic Economy на трансатлантический рейс, вы вправе провезти оба предмета. На всех остальных направлениях Basic Economy допускается провоз только одной личной вещи. Провоз ручной клади пассажирам Basic Economy недоступен, им необходимо сдать свой багаж и оплатить $25.

Максимальный размер личной вещи — портфель, сумка, кошелек, чехол для ноутбука — 22x25x43 см.

Максимальные габариты ручной клади: 22x35x56 см, включая выступающие части. Вы вправе провезти скрипку или гитару, а также иные малогабаритные музыкальные инструменты в качестве вашей ручной клади. Инструмент должен быть в твердом чехле и помещен в багажную полку или под впереди стоящее кресло.

На борт также разрешено пронести:

  1. Верхнюю одежду: куртку, пальто, шубу.
  2. Зонт.
  3. Книги, журналы, газеты.
  4. Товары, приобретенные в магазинах Duty Free.
  5. Медицинскую технику: складное кресло, трость, костыли.
  6. Детское автомобильное кресло.
  7. Фотоаппарат.
  8. Переноску для животных.

Максимальные параметры (длина+ширина+высота) стандартного регистрируемого багажа — 158 см, включая выступающие части: карманы, ручки, колеса.

Максимальный вес багажа отличается в зависимости от приобретенного тарифа:

  1. United Economy — 23 кг.
  2. United Business/United First/United Polaris — 32 кг.
  3. MileagePlus — 32 кг.

Домашние питомцы: кошки, собаки, кролики и попугаи (кроме какаду) разрешены к провозу на большей части внутренних рейсов United. Питомец провозится за дополнительную плату в размере $125.

Животные должны находится в переноске на протяжении всего перелета. Переноска должна соответствовать ряду требований:

  1. Иметь жесткое водонепроницаемое дно.
  2. Быть достаточного размера для свободного положения животного.
  3. Помещаться под впереди стоящее сиденье.
  4. Не превышать параметров 44x30x19/ 46x28x28 см.


Существует три способа регистрации на рейсы United:

  1. На официальном сайте — за 24 часа до запланированного вылета. Для регистрации необходимо ввести номер бронирования и фамилию или войти в свой личный кабинет.
  2. Через приложение — необходимо ввести номер бронирования и фамилию в соответствующие поля.
  3. В аэропорте: в терминале или на стойке регистрации.

Временные рамки регистрации на рейсы:

  1. На внутренние рейсы путешественники без багажа вправе зарегистрироваться как минимум за 30 минут до отправления.
  2. На внутренние рейсы пассажиры с регистрируемым багажом — за 45 минут до вылета.
  3. На международные рейсы — как минимум за 60 минут до отправления, независимо от наличия регистрируемого багажа.
  4. На рейсах в Федеративные Штаты Микронезии или Маршалловы Острова — как минимум за 90 минут до отправления, независимо от наличия багажа.


Connect to ‘United Wi-Fi’ and enjoy high-speed internet connection while you fly. United Airlines WIFI is powered by GoGo, Panasonic, Thales and ViaSat, depending on where you fly to. WIFI with United Airlines allows you to access all the apps and that you’d usually use on the ground so that you don’t miss out!

WIFI Price

United Airlines also give the option to purchase an annual subscription, which costs $539 USD on all flights in North America and Central America and $689 USD on flights globally.

You can also purchase United Airlines WIFI inflight. although prices will differ depending on which route you’re flying.

История United Airlines

Холдинговая компания United Air Lines, Inc была сформирована 28 марта 1938 года как объединение компаний Pacific Air Transport, Stout Air Services, VAL, и National Air Transport.

Являясь изначально крупным перевозчиком, United Airlines с каждым годом набирала обороты. После Второй мировой войны авиакомпания получила огромный рост выручки за счет бурного роста спроса на авиаперевозки. В 1950-х годах выручка компании, рассчитываемая в пассажиро-милях, увеличилась в пять раз. После этого стабильный рост наблюдался в течении двух последующих десятилетий.

В 1954 году United Airlines стала первой авиакомпанией, которая приобрела симуляторы полета, имеющие визуальные, звуковые и движущие сигналы для подготовки пилотов.

United Airlines объединился с другим крупным перевозчиком Capital Airlines в 1961 году, что помогло компании вернуть себе статус «авиаперевозчика номер один» в США. В 1968 году United Airlines присоединилась к корпорации UAL.

В 1995 году авиаперевозчик первым в мире начал использовать Boeing 777 в коммерческих целях.


United Airlines работает с 235 направлениями в Соединенных Штатах Америки и 138 международными направлениями в 60 странах Азии, Северной и Южной Америки, Европы и Океании.

Интересные факты

  • Авиаперевозчик United Airlines был первым, кто начал предлагать питание своим пассажирам во время полета. Для этого впервые в мире была введена должность стюардессы.
  • Первый в мире теракт в воздушном пространстве был совершен на самолете компании United Airlines. В октябре 1993 года произошел взрыв самолета Boeing 247, который упал на территории штата Индиана.
  • United Airlines входит в топ мировых авиаперевозчик по следующим категориям: выручка (3-е место), число перевезенных пассажиров (3-е место), пассажирооборот (2-е место), размер флота (3-е место).


Своим пассажирам United Airlines предлагает следующие классы обслуживания:

  • Basic Economy — самый дешевый класс обслуживания, доступен на определенных маршрутах.
  • Economy — стандартный эконом-класс, предоставляемый на всех рейсах. Включает в себя систему развлечений на борту и питание.
  • Economy Plus — улучшенный эконом класс с расположенными в начале салоне креслами. Доступен на всех рейсах.
  • First — предложение для всех внутренних рейсов.
  • Premium transcontinental service — предоставление повышенного уровня комфорта на некоторых трансконтинентальных рейсах.
  • Premium Plus — лучший тариф в эконом-классе, включающий в себя напитки и блюда на выбор.
  • Polaris Business — предлагает эксклюзивное обслуживание, кресла, трансформирующиеся в кровать и дополнительный сервис в аэропорту.

В рамках грузовых перевозок авиаперевозчик предлагает следующие услуги:

  1. EXP — ускоренная доставка, с приоритетом погрузки в города по всему миру.
  2. GEN — экономичное и надежное обслуживание авиаперевозок, с отличной логистикой и доступом к беспрецедентной всемирной сети United.
  3. LifeGuard — доставка жизненно важных медицинских грузов, когда время имеет первостепенное значение. LifeGuard предлагает своевременное, эффективное обслуживание и доставку от аэропорта до аэропорта в день приема груза от клиента.
  4.  PetSafe — специальный сервис для транспортировки животных, которые не имеют права путешествовать в салоне самолета. PetSafe предлагает доставку животных от аэропорта до аэропорта. Программа позволяет отслеживать перемещение животного от пункта вылета до пункта назначения в режиме 24/7. Также действует бонус 500 миль в подарок за каждую партию PetSafe в США и 1000 миль для всех других грузов.
  5. QuickPak — сервис для отправки небольших посылок по всей стране и по всему миру, от аэропорта до аэропорта. 
  6. TempControl — транспортировка чувствительных к температуре продуктов.
  7. TrustUA — транспортировка человеческих останков. Специальная команда обучена для решения всех вопросов, связанных с перевозкой такого груза.
  8. UASecure — транспортировка и хранение дорогостоящих товаров. 

The final ranking

Winner: Southwest

2nd place: United

3rd place: American

The unmistakable Florida coast below as a United Airlines 737-700 begins its descent to Miami … International.

Gabriel Leigh

In many ways the final ranking is the opposite of what it should have been. American Airlines’ transcontinental “Flagship” flight in business class with a more extensive service and a private lie-flat seat had every advantage to win this. And yet the airline’s overall attitude and lack of care during boarding and cleaning of the aircraft sent AA straight to last place instead. This may be something the airlines should take note of. Especially right now, you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to excel at passenger air service. What you need is the right approach, and to get the basics right.

Business Class

United Airlines Business Class service is available on flights between the U.S. and Latin America or the Caribbean.

Business Class Facilites

Passengers flying United Business can enjoy a more relaxed travel experience from check-in to baggage claim. Premier Acess travel services mean Business Class passengers can avoid the stress of the airport floor and instead make use of designated airport check-in lanes, exclusive security lanes and Premier Access priority baggage handling. Once in the air, passengers can savour fresh, restaurant-quality meals and entree choices that were selected by renowned chefs.

What are Business Class Seats Like?

In the new, extra-spacious United Airlines seats there’s room to relax and to work. With a six-way adjustable headrest and a padded seat cushion, you’ll be able to sit back and relax on your United flight. There’s also no need to worry about any of your personal devices running out of battery, as United Airlines Business Class seats feature a universal power socket to charge your laptop and mobile throughout your flight. You can also find a granite topped extendable cocktail table in the center that allows you to keep your tray table free for eating, working and entertainment.


Meal Options

Economy passengers flying within North America, the Caribbean and most of Latin America are offered complimentary snacks, with the option to purchase meals and snacks in the in-flight service.

Economy passengers flying to or from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific and selected destinations in Latin America are given a complimentary 3-course meal, and additional snack course for flights longer than 12 hours.

Premium class passenger meals are dependent on the flight duration time. To see sample menus to see what may be offered, click here.

For passengers travelling Business Class or United Polaris First, all food is complementary, including arrival snacks and a 5-course meal.

Drinks & Alcohol

United Airlines have a full drink trolley service on their flights including alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, spirits), soft drinks and hot drinks. Economy passengers are given one complimentary drink and First and Business class passengers receive a complimentary premium drink upon arrival, including fine wines, spirits, regional beer or champagne.

The airlines in 2019/2020

The largest airline

Following their mergers in the 2000s, each of the new airlines that emerged became (for some time and by some metrics) the largest airline in the world. American Airlines, however, sealed the deal with its merger with US Airways. The combined airline became the largest in the US, and globally, by fleet size, passengers carried, and revenue.

Following its merger, American Airlines became the largest in the world, by several metrics. Photo: Getty Images

This title, though, has shifted around between the three, both before and after consolidation in the 2000s. In fact, as of 2019, gaps had narrowed which metric you use. In 2019, the blog The Points Guy reported how Delta and United had moved ahead by some metrics.

United and Delta have edged ahead, but it depends on what metrics you look at. Photo: Getty Images

In the second quarter of 2019, Delta had moved ahead in terms of total revenue. It reported revenue of $12.5 billion, compared with $12 billion for American and $11.4 billion for United.

And in terms of Available Seat Miles (ASMs), United led the way with a capacity of 73.2 billion ASMs. American retained second with 72.3 billion, and Delta 71.8 billion.

American, though, has maintained top place for fleet size and passengers carried.

Much of this switch has been due to operating challenges faced by American. It has suffered more than the other two airlines with the grounding of its 737 MAX. And there has been an ongoing move to introduce new revenue-earning methods and unbundled fares.

While all three airlines have introduced this, Delta was the first to fully introduce basic economy fare and expand revenue streams this way. Going forward, though, as all three airlines become established with new fare systems and the 737 MAX returns to service, the situation will likely even out.

Southwest Airlines has also risen to become a challenger to these top three. It, of course, lacks the global network and routes offered, but has grown rapidly to challenge domestically. By passengers carried, it has beaten United into third place (since 2015) but is significantly behind in reach and revenue (it still makes it into the top 10 airlines globally by revenue).

Southwest Airlines has grown rapidly since it started fights in 1971. Photo: Getty Images

How have they coped in 2020?

For the most up to date position, Simple Flying took a detailed look at how the three airlines had fared in Q2 2020, with the significant slowdown in aviation globally. This, of course, may not be indicative of where they end up after the pandemic, but it is still an interesting comparison at an important time for aviation.

All airlines have grounded parts of their fleet in 2020. Photo: Getty Images

All three airlines faced a significant net loss. But  United came out best with a $1.6 billion loss. Next was American, with a $2.1 billion net loss. The worst performance was Delta, with a loss of $5.7 billion (figures based on second-quarter results and respective earnings calls).

American fared best in terms of passenger revenue. It reported $1.1 billion from passenger bookings, while United saw $681 million and Delta $678 million.

American also was the most active, significantly ahead in Available Seat Miles (ASMs). But it didn’t necessarily convert this to revenue as well. For a final comparison, consider the vital Passenger Revenue per Available Seat Mile (PRASM) metric (compared against the year previously to show how much things have changed):

  • United lead the way with PRASM of 7.6 cents per mile (14.32 in 2019)
  • American was next with 6.48 cents per mile (15.22 in 2019)
  • Delta achieved just 6.4 cents per mile (15.84 in 2019)

But United was ahead in cargo revenue, reporting $405 million against American’s $130 million and Delta’s $108 million.

Going forward, of course, it is hard to predict how things will turn out. The future demand, especially for international flights, remains highly uncertain. Having the top cargo revenue could undoubtedly be useful for United, as demand remains strong there.

But whatever happens, the big three airlines will likely remain the big three. 2020 has been challenging, but we have not yet heard any thoughts of airline bankruptcies or mergers. We even heard American CEO Doug Parker confirming this in May 2020, and explaining how it thought it unlikely for any of the major carriers.

There is a lot to discuss with the history and evolution of three of the biggest airlines in the world, and we can’t cover everything! Feel free to add any details or extras in the comments.

Economy and Premium Economy Class

Passengers can opt for a choice of United’s Basic Economy or Economy Plus (Premium Economy) Fares.

Economy and Premium Economy Facilities

Economy Plus

Choose from a wide range of food and beverages (dependant on your route and flight duration). This can entail a variety of packaged snacks, meals and wine or soft drinks. Flights to North America, parts of Latin America and the Caribbean. Enjoy complimentary teas, coffees and soft drinks, snacks or you can buy either a tasty meal from the Bistro Menu on board or spirits, wine and beer on all flights.

Flights to or from Europe, Asia, Middle East, the South Pacific and parts of Latin America

(international flights)

Complimentary house wine and beer, teas, coffee and soft drinks are available. Also, a complimentary three-course meal is available and a mid-flight snack on flights longer than 12 hours.

Basic Economy Class Facilities

Inflight amenities and services are included such as food and beverages, WI-FI and in-flight entertainment!

Please note that full size carry-on bags are not permitted however you can take one personal item on board.

What are Economy and Premium Economy Seats like?

Economy Plus Seating

You can have up to 5 inches of extra legroom based near the front of the cabin. This seating is available on all United and United Express flights.

Vouchers and Flight Credits

United Airlines Flight Booking Screenshot

Amber Gibson

If you’re like me and had to cancel flights when the coronavirus pandemic hit, you most likely received a refund from your airline in the form of a flight voucher. United Airlines makes it easy to keep track of and use future flight credits. There’s a section in their app under “My Trips” that lists your future flight credits and a simple “Book with Credit” button that automatically applies the credit to your booking. United future flight credits expire two years after they are issued.

SAN DIEGO, CA-MAY20: Passengers board an American Airlines flight to Charlotte, North Carolina at … San Diego International Airport on May 20, 2020 in San Diego, California. Air travel is down as estimated 94 percent due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, causing U.S. airlines to take a major financial hit with losses of $350 million to $400 million a day as nearly half of major carriers’ planes sit idle. (Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images)

Getty Images

What’s more, when I have received eVouchers from American, I have experienced a multitude of problems trying to use them. These eVouchers expire one year from the date they are issued and should in theory be easy to use when booking flights online by entering the eVoucher number and PIN. Recently I booked a flight to Los Angeles using an eVoucher worth hundreds of dollars more than the cost of my ticket to LA. I had a confirmation number, a seat assignment and thought I was good to go. That is, until I arrived at the airport to check-in for my flight. 

The service desk agent informed me that my ticket was pending and had not been paid for. And unfortunately her computer system would not allow me to use my eVoucher to pay for my ticket. Oh, and her system couldn’t accept miles either. But she could happily take a credit card from me!

As somebody who has thousands of dollars worth of eVouchers that I’d really like to use before they expire and hundreds of thousands of airline miles, this was not what I wanted to hear. I felt bamboozled. Somehow, American Airlines is keeping all of my money and tricking me into forking over more. Flight vouchers are nothing more than loans that we as passengers are giving to the airlines. They should have refunded our cancelled trips in cash.

An American Airlines staffer waits for customers at the Benito Juarez International airport, in … Mexico City, on May 20, 2020, amid the new Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. – From suspending all flights to reducing their employees’ wages, Latin American airlines take extreme measures and cry for government aid in the face of the expansion of the coronavirus, which could leave them losses of 15,000 million dollars this year. (Photo by PEDRO PARDO / AFP) (Photo by PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images)

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I called the executive platinum desk to see if they could help, but no luck there. Only a condescending representative who had zero interest in helping me. John informed me that my eVoucher had been declined but he could not tell me why and refused to look into the matter. He also couldn’t process payment using any of my half dozen existing eVouchers on the phone. Also, however I paid for my ticket, his system would take up to 30 minutes to process the reservation so I would most likely miss my flight anyway. The more sympathetic service desk agent at O’Hare apologized for the difficulties I was having and admitted that even she couldn’t figure out how to get eVouchers to work for her son. 

When I checked my eVoucher balances that same day, they were all still available. Why was it declined as a payment method? Why was I not informed that it was declined until I arrived at the airport? Will I ever be able to actually use these eVouchers? These are all mysteries that may never be solved.

For your health and safety along with your sanity, peace of mind and wallet, choose United Airlines over American Airlines.

Основные направления

Внутренние направления связывают все значимые города США.

Международные линии:

  • Абу-Даби, Александрия, Буэнос-Айрес, Галифакс, Кувейт, Фаро, Токио;
  • Абердин, Апиа, Брюссель, Дакар, Калгари, Мадрид, Манагуа, Осака;
  • Аккра, Анкона, Варшава, Гонконг, Копенгаген, Лондон, Оттава, Сеул;
  • Абуджа, Бирмингем, Ванкувер, Джорджтаун, Манчестер, Хошимин;
  • Аделаида, Белиз, Виннипег, Дели, Канкун, Мехико, Нагоя, Париж;
  • Аддис-Абеба, Брисбейн, Вена, Женева, Мельбурн, Мюнхен, Шэннон;
  • Амстердам, Бостон, Гватемала, Дюссельдорф, Монреаль, Шанхай;
  • Йоханнесбург, Лиссабон, Монтеррей, Окленд, Пекин, Пунта-Кана;
  • Нассау, Порто, Пуэрто-Вальярта, Франуфурт-на-Майне, Сан-Хосе;
  • Рио-де-Жанейро, Фрипорт, Раротонга, Сан-Сальвадор, Стокгольм;
  • Роатан, Рим, Сан-Педро-Сула, Сен-Мартен, Сидней, Тегусигальпа;
  • Сан-Паулу, Сан-Хуан, Сингапур, Тайбэй, Цюрих, Торонто, Эдмонтон.

Самолёты United Airlines летают в государства СНГ, в Россию — в московский аэропорт.

Популярные направления авиакомпании United Airlines

МестоНаправлениеНайти билеты
1Нью-Йорк → Франкфурт-на-Майне
2Франкфурт-на-Майне → Нью-Йорк
3Вашингтон → Франкфурт-на-Майне
4Нью-Йорк → Вашингтон
5Лос-Анджелес → Нью-Йорк
6Майами → Нью-Йорк
7Вашингтон → Нью-Йорк
8Лос-Анджелес → Чикаго
9Нью-Йорк → Вашингтон
10Франкфурт-на-Майне → Вашингтон

Inflight Entertainment

United offers various types of inflight entertainment on its flights. Passengers can find out which entertainment options will be provided on their flight by checking the Flight Status information for their flight on the United website. Inflight entertainment services will vary according to the aircraft and the ticket fare class.


United offers a range of popular TV shows on its flights including popular classic comedies such as Friends, Modern Family and Will and Grace as well as contemporary dramas.


Find the right film to fit your tastes with United’s wide collection of movies. From cult classics to new releases, United has something to fit every taste. With a large selection of Disney films, there’s no need to worry about bored children with the excellent movies on your United flight.

Pay for Flights with PayPal

Buy your United Airlines tickets with Alternative Airlines to use PayPal. Alternative Airlines allows passengers flying with United Airlines to book flights using PayPal. PayPal ensures ease of transactions whilst keeping your money safe and secure. If you are unsure about booking through Alternative Airlines, you can find out all about the trusted flight booking website.

With Alternative Airlines, you can use PayPal and PayPal Credit to buy United Airlines tickets and many other airline airfares. Alternative Airlines is one of the only travel websites that accept PayPal, helping you buy flights to anywhere and everywhere safely and securely. You can even use a flight coupon code to get discounted United Airlines tickets with Alternative Airlines promo codes. You can do this by paying with PayPal in either USD or GBP and save money off your next United Airlines reservation.


Низкая стоимость авиабилетов гарантируется за счет снижения трат на многие платные услуги, поэтому провоз багажа и регистрация на рейсах Spirit платные.

Правила провоза багажа

Пассажиры вправе провезти личную вещь и ручную кладь на борту самолета.

Личная вещь не должна превышать параметров 45х35х20 см.

Требования к габаритам ручной клади: 56х46х25 см. За превышение параметров взимается дополнительная плата в 50$.

Также на борту допускается бесплатный провоз:

  1. Переноски для собак-поводырей.
  2. Фотоаппаратов.
  3. Костылей, трости и иной необходимой медицинской техники.
  4. Еды, купленной в аэропорту.
  5. Сумки для младенца, детского кресла или коляски (при путешествии с младенцем).
  6. Товаров, приобретенных в магазинах Duty Free.
  7. Верхней одежды: курток, пальто, шуб.
  8. Книг, газет и журналов.
  9. Зонтов.

Багаж не должен превышать 158 см по трем измерениям. Максимальный вес — 40 фунтов (≈18,14 кг).

В стоимость билета входит только провоз личной вещи. Если вы путешествуете с чемоданом, то вправе оплатить дополнительный багаж при покупке билета онлайн или на стойке регистрации. Один пассажир может сдать до пяти единиц багажа.

При оплате заранее цены следующие:

  1. Одно место для багажа до 18 кг — от 25$.
  2. Перевес багажа в пределах от 18 до 23 кг — 30$.
  3. Перевес багажа от 23 до 32 кг — 55$.
  4. Перевес багажа от 32 до 45 кг — 100$.
  5. Превышение габаритов от 158 до 203 см по сумме трех измерений — 100$.
  6. Превышение параметров от 203 см по сумме трех измерений — 150$.


Для пассажиров представлено два способа оформления билетов на рейсы:

  1. На стойке регистрации в аэропорту.
  2. На официальном сайте или через мобильное приложение.

Онлайн-оформление начинается за сутки и завершается за 60 минут до запланированного вылета. Посадочный талон загружается на телефон или печатается отдельно.

Регистрация на рейс в аэропорту платная — 10$ с человека. Она открывается за два часа до предполагаемого вылета.

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